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The following provider(s) are accepting new clients:


Andrew Tibbett (ages 18+)

Anthem/BCBS*, Quartz*, Dean*WPS

 & Alliance/UW Ship 

waitlist only for under 18 at this time

Rachel Stetenfeld: Intern (ages 13+)

Self pay only.

Nandita Geerdink: Intern (ages 13+)

Self pay only.

*Commercial plans only


We will attempt to update this as often as possible, please don't hesitate to email with any questions or to be added to our waitlist.

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"Our mission, at Abegglen Counseling, is to bring caring, compassionate, culturally responsive counseling to all, regardless of race, gender, and income. 

The counselors at Abegglen Counseling understand that making the choice to see a therapist is not always easy so we work hard to ensure every client feels safe, supported, and validated when they are working with us.

 Abegglen Counseling vows to make each client's unique change process more manageable by offering high-quality mental health counseling that supports healing, assists in change and encourages growth."

Jessica Abegglen, Owner

What To Expect At Your Visit

Therapy doesn't have to be scary. True, it isn't the easiest thing you will ever do, but the payoff is worth it - promise. We often hear a lot of the same comments or questions from clients who are new to therapy.  Most of the time, when people are nervous or unsure, they ask a lot of questions - but not everyone is comfortable doing that. There is often a lot of confusion around terminology...what therapy really is...the difference between types of professionals...the list goes on. Its can make accessing mental health care seem unmanageable.

So, we've written the following blog posts to help you feel more prepared for your first visit at Abegglen Counseling.

Therapy 101 - Understanding the terminology used for different providers

Therapy 102 - Navigating insurance/payment

Therapy 103 - Frequently asked Q&A

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