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Nandita Geerdink holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She believes that people start to heal when they feel truly seen and heard. When we slow down and listen to our inner voice, we begin to trust ourselves enough to lean into places of discomfort and address internal and external patterns that are no longer serving us. Nandita is excited to engage clients in collaborative work to make meaning of their experiences. Through self-awareness we find self-compassion and more authentic, fulfilling ways of being.

With the therapeutic relationship centered in her work, Nandita hopes to assist individuals who struggle to find connection and those who are overwhelmed find balance. Together, Nandita works with clients to explore the relationship between our minds and bodies and how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are intertwined. With a clearer sense of self, we can find new ways of responding, aligned with our inner compass. Nandita aims to help individuals understand why they feel stuck, challenge internal dialogues and deepen interpersonal relationships. Considering each person’s salient identities, she also addresses environmental influences that may be contributing to distress.


Nandita brings extensive life experience and thoughtful understanding of many identities, cultures and life roles. As a woman of color, wife and mother, Nandita would like to work with individuals, young adults and adolescents, identity development, interpersonal communication, cross-cultural understanding, and life transitions. Her areas of focus include issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, and the evolution of self-concept and attachments across one’s lifetime.


Nandita’s knowledge of Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Interpersonal Process Framework and mindfulness enable her to best support client growth and healing in the ways that center the client as the expert of their own experiences, with great capacity for growth and insight. With empathy and compassion, she welcomes vulnerability and honesty, at a pace that feels safe.


Nandita enjoys spending time with her two children and husband who keep her grounded and remind her of what is most important in life.

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