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about me

I believe that therapy is a place where we can find more acceptance and compassion for ourselves while also collaborating on new ways to move forward in our personal goals and relationships.

As a current student in Marquette University’s Clinical Mental Health graduate program and Hakomi Institute’s training for mindfulness, somatics, and experiential psychotherapy, I am very

passionate about helping clients explore new possibilities for their mental health through emotional exploration and regulation, interpersonal processing, and mind-body integration. Prior

to studying counseling, I worked as a yoga teacher and trainer with Breathe For Change and provided direct support in residential and agency settings for women and teens recovering from

sexual violence. These previous experiences have highly emphasized for me just how much our trauma and identities are interwoven with our bodies, relationships, and societal systems of harm.

In order to foster more healing for my clients, I create a personable, accepting, and compassionate space for client’s to express themselves and their concerns. I enjoy building a collaborative therapeutic relationship built on authenticity and trust and then exploring solutions through various frameworks, such as relational-cultural therapy, systems therapy, mindfulness, and body-centered practices. In my counseling practice, I have worked with children (9-12),

teens, and adults navigating a variety of concerns, such as identity, anxiety, depression, stress management, life transitions, relational complications, and trauma. As a queer femme, I am also

passionate about providing LGBTQ+ affirming care.

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