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Licensed Professional Counselor

Sometimes in our lives we have experiences that lead us to feel overwhelmed, unsettled, disconnected, uncertain, or stuck.  During those times, I can help by offering guidance, acceptance and validation. As a professional counselor, one of my goals is to cultivate a space in which clients feel they have a voice.  I believe that each person has a unique story and that counseling should be a flexible process which allows you to share that story while also creating meaningful and satisfying new chapters.  


I specialize in working with school age children, teens and adults who have experienced violence, abuse and other trauma (both recent and past).  Additionally, I have extensive experience working with adolescents and adults around self-harm, conflict or violence in relationships, and mental health challenges including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and borderline personality disorder.  I have training and expertise in a variety of approaches and techniques, with specialization in DBT, CBT, TF-CBT, and CPT and offer individual, couples, family and group counseling. Sessions are customized for each client based on their needs, goals, age and functional level.  As a supplement to traditional talk therapy, I enjoy incorporating nature, play, art, movement, mindfulness and animals in sessions when appropriate.


If you or a loved one are interested in working toward deeper understanding, growth and change, or just want to live a more satisfying and fulfilling life, give me a call to begin your journey!

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