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Licensed Professional Counselor

While change may be uncomfortable at times, through compassion I utilize a growth mindset in supporting my clients - the belief that we may not be where we want to be…  yet.​


I believe we all have times in our lives when we can benefit from additional support.  With over 18 years of comprehensive professional counseling experience working with families and children ages 4 years and up,  I see my role as a caring advocate.  I am a team member in the process of change and growth, encouraging persistence with the understanding that we learn most through the challenges we face.  These challenges are both important and necessary for learning, growing, and healing. I empower, encourage, and assist clients throughout their journey of healing. I believe my clients are capable of leading the lives they desire as we work together with a holistic and client-centered approach to best meet their needs.  Through empathy and validation we’re able to create a treatment plan for lasting change and life-long skills with the goal of increasing client’s self-awareness and use of healthy coping skills to support healing.


With an additional school counseling background, I have a unique perspective and expertise regarding child development, the school system and school based expectations.  My strength is working with families who have a child who may struggle with focus, attention, self-regulation, coping skills, stress and anxiety, bullying and assertiveness skills, family changes, and self-esteem, particularly when these issues are interfering with a child’s learning.  We work together to empower them to use their energy in positive and productive ways. Specific counseling strategies include: cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral strategies, brief solutions-focused strategies, as well as mindfulness and relaxation strategies.  I also incorporate non-traditional therapeutic strategies to support clients in making mind/body connections.

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