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Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Developmental & Relational Trauma 


I started Abegglen Counseling over 6 years ago after working with children with disabilities and witnessing the struggles of those families on a daily basis.  It was obvious that these unique families needed both behavioral and mental health supports in order to create and maintain the changes often necessary when their is a child with special needs in the family.  


As a licensed special education teacher, professional counselor, and school counselor, with years of applied behavioral analysis experience and specific training in utilizing DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and Attachment-Focused Trauma Therapy, I am able to support you and/or your loved one as they begin their journey to living a happier, healthier life by modifying and combining different modalities in order to meet each clients unique needs.  


As a certified Attachment Focused Trauma Therapist  I also routinely work with adolescents and their families (or caregivers) to address any developmental/attachment traumas and help create a secure attachment between child and adult.  

Finally, as a certified developmental and relational trauma therapist I work with adults who  have experiences childhood and other relational traumas to re-parent the self, heal their trauma, and increase their own self-esteem, sense of reality, and used of healthy boundaries, as well as resolve dependency concerns.

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