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Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe that connection is essential to well-being, and relationships serve as the basis of my counseling work.


As a counselor, I am committed to helping individuals acknowledge 

their unique experience to help them develop resilience in their personal and professional lives. I approach counseling from constructivist and solution focused frameworks—assisting individuals to look for exceptions to problems and find strength amidst change.


I received my masters in counseling from Boston University in 2000 and my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in 2012 from the University of Wisconsin Madison. In addition, I worked as an elementary school counselor for 11 years and currently am an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in the counseling department. As such, I understand the complex issues that families face and have much experience working with children and adolescents (5-18). Further, my position at the university has helped me understand the transition needs of young adults. My work across the developmental stages has focused on many different presenting problems, including anxiety, stress, depression, and life transitions.

I recognize the challenge and vulnerability in counseling and will utilize strength-based strategies to help you move through difficulties toward resolutions. I look forward to joining you on your path toward wellness.

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