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  • Jessica Abegglen, LPC, NBCC

Sam Tetzlaff, MS, Counseling Intern

Abegglen Counseling has been very lucky to have such great therapists, and Sam is no exception. Sam is new to the Abegglen Counseling team, starting this July after finishing her final Master's of Counseling course. Sam will be applying for licensure this September so is only acting as an intern until her license is approved. Introducing:

Sam Tetzlaff, MS

Counseling Intern

Here is a bit about Sam, from Sam herself:

"I recently earned my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and am currently working as a counseling intern until I am able to apply for licensure as a professional counselor in the fall.

My approach to therapy is both collaborative and direct; I believe that it’s crucial to meet my clients where they are and that the direction of therapy is always my client’s choice. I use an interpersonal process approach to therapy, meaning that I believe our relationships greatly impact our well-being. Additionally, I offer my observations on the therapeutic relationship and on patterns I’m noticing.

The majority of my counseling experience has been in providing services to clients who are survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and other adverse life experiences. I have also assisted clients with various symptoms such as panic, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, sub-clinical disordered eating, substance use concerns, and relationship concerns. My ultimate goal is to guide my clients through their personal process of healing and toward their optimal life journey.

​I am able to see clients at a significantly discounted rate, as I do not bill insurance. If you are looking to seek counseling outside of your current coverage/Network, I may be an ideal choice."


If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Sam, you can reach her


call our intake line: 608-709-6972

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[This article does not create a client-counselor relationship. This article is general counseling information and is not to be considered legal or medical advice. Please consult with your mental health professional before you rely on this information.]

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