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  • Jessica Abegglen, LPC, NBCC

Rene Staskal, PhD

Abegglen Counseling is so thrilled to have Doctor Rene Staskal, our new clinical psychologist, join the team!

PhD in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Staskal works for a local school district during the day and offers comprehensive clinical assessments to clients in the evenings and weekends.

Dr, Staskal brings with her a wealthy of knowledge around special education, assessments, and 504s.

Here is a little from her!

"I provide comprehensive clinical assessments and recommendations to children and young adults. Assessment is a good tool when individuals feel like a different, more comprehensive perspective may be helpful. They can also aide in diagnostic clarity.

I specialize in assessments of learning and attention disorders.

I completed my clinical training through the University of California at Santa Barbara. I currently practice as a school psychologist in the Madison Metropolitan School District where I have worked for 5 years. I previously practiced as a clinical psychologist working with children and adolescents. My experiences and training in both clinical and educational settings allows my to bridge the divide between these two complex systems. I hope to provide parents and young adults with recommendations as well as knowledge around navigating IEPs, 504s, and general education."


If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Staskal, you can reach her


call our intake line: 608-709-6972

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[This article does not create a client-counselor relationship. This article is general counseling information and is not to be considered legal or medical advice. Please consult with your mental health professional before you rely on this information.]

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