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  • Lee Clark, LMFT, MS

Let's Talk Love Languages

You may have heard of the 5 Love Languages, a concept in the theory of human relations which purports that each individual has primary and secondary methods of giving and receiving love.

Learning about the 5 Love Languages can be helpful in building a more secure, satisfying, and fulfilling relationships with romantic partners, family, friends, and even between parent and child.

Many of us would like to know how best to show loved ones that we truly care. Learning about the 5 Love Languages can provide helpful information and guidance in figuring out how to find those right words or actions to express our love to those we care about, as well as to request to be loved in the ways that feel most meaningful to us.

The following is a brief overview of each love language:

Words of Affirmation: Giving and receiving compliments, words of support and encouragement, and being told, “I love you.”

Quality Time: Spending positive, focused time together without distractions or divided attention.

Receiving Gifts: Giving and receiving personal, thoughtful presents that represent effort and awareness.

Acts of Service: Giving or receiving help to complete a task, provide a favor, or physical care when a loved one is sick or hurt.

Physical Touch: Giving or receiving hugs, holding hands, a pat on the back, or other physical contact that feels positive and engaging.

Did any of them resonate more or less with you? How about when you think about your important relationships with your partner, friends, family and children, or other loved ones?

If you are interested in learning more about the 5 Love Languages and how to incorporate them into your relationships, check out the links, below:

You can take a quiz to find out your love language here:

There have been a few books written about the 5 love languages and you can find the most current list here:

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