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  • Liza Hahn, MS, Yoga Therapist-IT, LPC-IT

Embracing the Season Changes of Fall: Guidance from Ayurveda

The month of September signals a time of upcoming changes; be it kids going back to school, the start of football season or the leaves on the trees beginning the process of changing colors. For many, we not only witness the changes occurring around us, but also feel changes occurring within ourselves. This can make us feel stressed, anxious and fatigued.

According to Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, our bodies have elemental properties that can change throughout the seasons. Fall is the season of Vata dosha and exhibits the qualities of cold, dry and rough. If you are like me, you can feel this in the dryness of the skin, a craving for warm tea, and a wanting just one more hour of sleep in the morning. We have two choices, to embrace the changes occurring within and around us (pumpkin spic latte anyone?) or deny anything is happening and continue to wear flip flops until your toes turn into little blue nubs. As for me? I take the latte and begin the process of accepting the inevitable change of the season.

Fall invites us to slow down, take inventory of what we have, who we are, and to let go of what is no longer bringing us joy. In order to do so, it is helpful to find some grounding and stabilizing practices in order to better navigate the experience.

The Chopra Center advises establishing a consistent bed time, wearing warmer clothes, sipping on ginger tea, getting regular massages, and engaging in light exercise, such as slow yoga or walking, to regulate the nervous system. You can find additional information on how to balance the Vata dosha on the here.

In addition, having a consistent routine during the week can help you and your family feel more organized and, ultimately, less stressed during this time.

A couple of ideas that work for my family include looking at our calendars on Sunday night in order to plan for preplanned activities or nights better suited for pizza. Or making sure purses, shoes, backpacks, etc. are packed and by the door ready to grab in the morning to avoid the "Honey... Have you seen my keys?!" moment. And in the meantime, take a moment to grab a pumpkin spice latte and enjoy. For more info on how to embrace fall, AKA Vata dosha, check out these sources: Ayurveda 101 5 Ways to Beat the Stress of Fall's Frenzy

Namaste, Liza

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